Eating 5 a day  and getting off the sofa has never been more « FUN »

Give your child every chance to grow up healthy

Because something was missing, we created

For you and for them. The first gaming app to grow up healthy. Powered by augmented reality

Keshi, the upcoming mobile gaming app :
To play, you need to move!

Don’t do this, don’t do that!

Teaching young children how to say no to daily temptations like greed and laziness is not easy. We know, we’ve been there too. Eating just about anything, as long as it’s sweet, savoury or fat is one of life’s little pleasures. And what about sitting on the sofa all day, watching TV?

We want games, not lectures!

The eureka moment: to harness the incredible attention-grabbing power of video games to create long-lasting healthy habits.

But on one condition: to avoid lecturing, which will put off the young ones.

Move and play, move and grow: it’s new and it’s fun!

This was quite a challenge! Through state-of-the-art Augmented Reality technology (Pokémon Go anyone?), we created the first ever video game that creates a long-lasting motivation to eat healthy and to exercise.

By keeping children on the move, Keshi reinforces “memorization through the body”. A truly unique approach!

Casual teaching

Montessori, Freinet and Decroly proved it. Their methods inspired us. Teaching by playing! Flight simulators do it every day and each time you take the plane, you trust those pilots who train and learn by “playing”. Playing gives them a safe space to miss a landing, to find out why and to continuously improve and learn.

What Keshi’s creators aim for is a step change in how behaviours are created and durably ingrained, through a creative use of the 21st century’s iconic object, the smartphone.

Playing to be is learning to be

Keshi is the 21st century version of the doll or the favourite plush toy. We all cuddled one back in the day. The Tamagotchi upgraded it. To play the parent and raise another self, an avatar, is to discover and learn, without limits nor dangers, what food and drinks will do to its health and growth.

The video game is a child's friend … and the parents’ ally?

In Keshi, there are no weapons, no fights, no violence. The game is not connected, so there are no interruptions nor ads.

But above all, you parents are setting the rules and deciding on game time: the avatar is not hungry all the time and you will decide when it needs to be fed. Keshi will not become addictive.

Keshi is there to help parents concerned about obesity risks for their children. Because talking about eating habits and physical exercise to young children is not always easy. Because we all need help in offsetting the influence of advertising.


Keshi’s mission is a challenge: to fight overweight!

Not everyone is at risk but we are all targeted by advertising, processed foods, stress, lack of time and too little exercise.

According to the WHO, obesity is gaining ground globally and is taking a heavy  economic and health toll.

Instead of fighting a losing battle against screens, comfort, and instant gratification, what about using those very same tools for the good?

As Einstein famously said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Welcome to the world of Keshi

What do scientists say? 

Keshi was developed in partnership with a team of dietitians, paediatricians, and psychologists from the Clinique du Poids Junior (HUDERF).

When we first met in late 2018, Prof. Henri Steyaert, Head of the Clinic, made this essential demand:

“Physical activity is only half of the problem, the other half is a healthy diet. So I will only help you if Keshi makes children eat well as much as it makes them move”.

We had no other choice than to make it happen. Well done, Professor!

Take Keshi on a test flight

Be part of its development! The game you will discover is not finished yet: it’s just a prototype.

If Keshi was a plane, it would be ready for test flights.

Yes, your children and you can try it and help improve it!

Stay in touch or ask for a demo